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B.C.S.O. History



1812  Abner Rockwell
1815  John Spaulding 2nd
1818  Lemuel Streeter
1821  Joseph C. Powell
1824  Reuben Wilber
1827  Benjamin McKean
1830  Lockwood Smith, Jr.
1833  John L. Webb
1836  Guy Tozer
1839  Ira H. Stephens
1842  John N. Weston
1845  John F. Means
1848  William S. Dobbins
1851  Chester Thomas
1854  John A. Cooding
1857  Thomas M. Woodruff
1860  A. Hanson Spaulding
1863  J. Monroe Smith
1866  William Griffis
1869  J. Perry Van Fleet
1872  J. Monroe Smith
1875  Andrew J. Layton
1878  Peter J. Dean
1881  William T. Horton
1884  Dallas J. Sweet
1887  Morris Shepard
1890  Joseph Powell
1893  Nathan V. Weller
1895  Ulysses M. Fell
1899  Homer F. Drake


Pennsylvania's First Female Sheriff

     Mary Jane (Morrow)Mitten became the first female Sheriff in Bradford County and Pennsylvania after the death of her husband, Sheriff Fred R. Mitten in 1925.
     Since she had already been helping her husband with his duties as Sheriff before his unexpected death, hundreds of Bradford County Residents signed petitions demanding she be appointed sheriff.  Mary Morrow Mitten was sworn in as Sheriff on Oct. 24, 1925.

1902   Stephen  Robinson
1905  Job Griffin
1908  John H. Dean
1911  Albert B. McCraney
1915  Ension W. Wheeler
1919  Charles E. Drake
1923  Fred R. Mitten
1925 *Mary Jane Mitten *
1927  Sid McClelland
1931  Howard Bailey
1935  Newman Benson
1939 J. Stewart Essenwine
1943  Roy Grover C. Jones
1947  Fowler L. Tuton
1951  Fowler L. Tuton
1955  Fowler L. Tuton
1959  Frank F. Detrick
1963  Frank F. Detrick
1967  Frank F. Detrick
1971  Frank F. Detrick
1975  Thomas J. Fairchild
1979  Thomas J. Fairchild
1983  Thomas J. Fairchild
1987  Thomas J. Fairchild
1991  Steven A. Evans
1995  Steven A. Evans
1999  Steven A. Evans
2004  Steven A. Evans
2008  Steven A. Evans
2010  Clinton "CJ" Walters

  Why "Sheriff's Office" and NOT "Sheriff's Department?:
To Answer the question, we can turn to Blacks Law Dictionary which defines the term as follows:
Department: One of the major divisions of the executive branch of the government....generaly, a branch or division of governmental administration. Office:  a right, and correspondent duty, and power conferred on an individual by the government, and, when this is the connection, a public office is a usual and more discriminating the constitutional sense, the term implies an authority to exercise some portion of the sovereign power, either in making, executing, or administering the laws.   Clearly, the Office of Sheriff is not simply another department of county government.  The Offiice of Sheriff is a constitutional office having exclusive powers and authority. These powers are not subject to the dictates of a county manager or council.  The powers of this office have been exercised for over a millenium.


Bradford County Jail, Towanda, Pa (1873 - 1991)
rior to the jail being built prisoners  were first kept at the "old log jail" in the front section of Sheriff Rockwells home in Monroeton until the courthouse was built in 1816, they were then held in the basement of the courthouse, where deputies & jailers sometimes lived.
     Construction of the jail began in 1871, and the front section of the jail was the living quarters of the Sheriff.  The first Sheriff to live there was J. Monroe Smith. 
     In 1903, a prisoner was shot in his cell by a father seeking vengance against a man who assaulted his daughter.  The father came in on visitors day and was handed a revolver by his son. The prisoner was shot twice, but survived his wounds.  A grand jury later discharged the father. 
     Public hangings were once held in the "yard" of the jail, the last being around 1905 by Sheriff S.F. Robinson..  A modern jail was constructed in Burlington, and opened in 1991. The old jail is now home to the  County Historical Society.


Bradford County Historical Society

Bradford County D.S.B.A. Incorporated: 2006